My computer freezes all time only during game play

Everytime I try to play games like Lord of the rings,Sims 2,Civilization 4 but my computer doesn't allow me to enjoy

the games.It freezes at some particular stages of game with a noise in speakers and become irresponsive to any of

the inputs with a stilled screen.I must restart to see that my computer is working.I verified all my specifications are

above the recommended requirements and my computer is dust free.Yet the problem occurs again and again.

Pls somebody help me out of this one.By graphic card is Nvidia geforce 512mb
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  1. What's the graphic card?

    Are you sure that:

    -Drivers are installed properly? Try to do a clean install of your drivers.
    -Are anything insufficient? System Specs?
    -Are temperatures and voltages OK? Download MSI afterburner to check and tell us what the temperatures is. You may also try stress testing to your card.
    -Check other components' temperatures too.
    -Make sure your card is installed properly
    -Make sure your game is installed properly
    -Make sure other components are OK by doing tests.
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