Ivy Bridge and alternate thermal paste

I was wondering if we could put together all information about how an altenate thermal paste would alter the behavior of the Intel Ivy Bridge CPU.
I have found one article about it. Anything more elsewhere?

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  1. There is an article in Muropaketti (Finnish hardware site) where they did replase the Intel heat "insulator" with more proper stuff:

    They did find out that with Intell stock cooler the CPU with OCZ:n Freeze thermal paste runs 12-14 Celsius less than normal Ivy-Bidge.
    Overwolted Ivy with the OCZ:n Freeze was 9-13 C cooler than original.
    Overwolted Ivy with Nochtua NH14 cooler runs with OCZ:n Freeze stuff 13-19 C less than original with the same cooler...
    - (Intell stock thermal paste 95 Celcius, OCZ Freeze 80 Celcius with the worst core)

    So Intel really did make an interesting choice when they made the Ivy. Who would be surprised if Ivy-bridge E would come with proper thermal paste solution just to justify the price difference?

    The diffence with highest clock achieved was not so impressive, but the redused heat was big improvement!

    The problem is that the changing of thermal paste is not so easy to do without damaging the CPU. So don't try it unless you really know what you are doing!
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