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I have recently built a new computer. I have been trying to get it to start but i can't get it to. I have the pc case open and i power it on, and the fans start spinning for 15 seconds then it shuts off and keeps repeating that over and over again. This is a new build so no bios or anything has been added to it except the hardware.
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  1. Well there's your problem. You're missing RAM and a video card, you nut.
  2. "This is a new build so no bios or anything has been added to it except the hardware" bios is in the motherboard. if you had no bios your pc will not know how to start and post

    whats your ram?

    look into your motherboard's manual to troubleshoot what the beeps mean
  3. i didnt catch the video card good job stingstang :D
  4. Could be either a Bad Powersupply or a bad Motherboard if its still doing it after all the checking into.,...Make sure your board is grounded by the goldish color stand offs.
  5. stingstang said:
    Well there's your problem. You're missing RAM and a video card, you nut.

    lol 1 little detail i missed to examine.....
  6. Oh sorry about that i have graphics in the motherboard but also i have ddr3 10600 raam four of them and i have an ati firepro graphics card i forget what model, but how do i set up bios to read how to boot if i can't boot it?
  7. when you start the computer, that loading screen comes up over a black background. If you have video output, you can catch where it lists the command to start the bios. Usually F2 key. That's how you access the bios. If you don't have video, then recheck your video card, and if you have a display output on your motherboard, connect your monitor to that to start yourself off.
  8. Sorry a long time since I've replied, but the issue is not that i cant get to the bios in particular. Everytime I go to boot it just keeps rebooting after ten seconds, the fans just keeps going off then back on i don't get any options to boot or can't even get video input. The only thing i have plugged in at one point is the cpu and cpu fan, and motherboard but still no boot, if i plug the audio in it just gives me a continuos beep.
  9. Here

    Start with doing that list fully and honestly. You do not need to install your video card yet.

    When listing parts, especially RAM, list the actual model number, and the brand.
  10. I'm pretty sure i have tried all of those Proximon I've played around with computers a bit, I'm 19 and i do a bit of it work for a part time job. I've come to just plugging in the power supply to the motherboard with the CPU and it's fan plugged in. It simply starts to boot the fans spin for 15 seconds then stop, and they restart and keep doing it over and over again. I also do not have specifics for all the parts because they're not labeled and i recieved them from a friend. Sorry about that i will try to be more specific when I post in here again.
  11. If you have done all of that, then you have breadboarded, tried one stick of RAM at a time, installed a MB speaker, etc. Unless you have parts to swap out there isn't much left to do.
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