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GTX 550 ti and my monitor

I have a small question here.. I am using a 19 inch LG LCD moniter (1360x768 resolution) and i can max out almost every game at that resolution.. I am using this monitor for 2 or 3 years so i am looking for a upgrade.. I recently build my rig and here it is

GTX 550 ti 1GB
Core i5 2400

I'm going to buy 22 inch LED monitor (1920x1080 res).. My problem is should upgrade my monitor and play games at medium to high settings or should i stay with my Lcd play at everything high settings? which has better quality? ( i can't upgrade my gpu right now )
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  1. I am one who could care less about the highest settings. I am too busy running around trying not to get killed. :)

    I would recommend that if you do get a new monitor, you go with the more standard 23" size.

    Here is a handy Nvidia tool that might tell you what to expect.
  2. It gave me 44fps at 1920x1080.. Antialiasing - off

    is it true? because i having only 40-50fps (with AA) with my current monitor.
  3. well some games the AA will make a good difference but this is very specific but yes, can be true...

    Go and upgrade it, if you wan't to play on high, just lower the resolution.

    some games you will be able to run normally at 1080p, but some like battlefield you may need to lower resolution to play at max, or lower the graphics, see what you would like more, but it is win win, with this monitor you are using you are locked at a low resolution, and with the new one, you will be able to choose it and set is lower just for specific games.
  4. Another question
    I was going to buy a 21.5" monitor which has 1920x1080 res. but tlmck has mentioned to go with a standard size 23" one. I checked websites ( local vendors ) and i cant find any 23" monitor. There are only 24" and price difference is like 106US$. Should i go for a 24" one? what is the native resolution for 24"?
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    yes you can go for a 24" normally they are 1080p also, you can go for them, i think 24 is perfect size for gaming, not to small, not to big and 1920x1080... some of them can be 1920x1200 (16:10) that is ok too.
  6. If both 24" and 22" have same resolution they would give me same fps in games??
  7. Yes. The only difference is in how it will look. As the "bigger" monitor the pixels will be either bigger, or farther apart from each other. In the extreme cases this will make the picture look worse/grainy. A 22" 1080 LCD should look "better" then a 24" 1080 LCD. Reality is you'd be hard pressed to notice the different between those while playing.

    I would upgrade the monitor. As already mentioned you can always dial the settings down if need but, but currently you can't increase the resolution. Increase the resolution now, upgrade video card when you can.
  8. like 4745454b said, the performance will not change, the size does not matter, only the resolution, and up to 27" 1080p the pixel size still good at a normal distance, if you go over that the pixels will start to get too large and the image quality can be ugly from close distances.
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