To moderators/administrators, a request please

I have been a member since 2/10/2010, so over 2 years, but have yet to get my 'Silver/Captains' badge. Is that something that happens automatically or something an admin has to assign. Can you please look into and advise? Thanks!
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  1. It should happen automatically when the database driven forum notices certain events. Making a post = changing post counts and adding 4 forum points, etc.
    Did you get a Private Message notifying you?

    I noticed in the side panel "They won a badge" widget that user Cruzermac619 just won his Admiral (Gold) badge for 3yrs membership - even with just 1 post 3 years ago:
    But it's not yet showing up on his profile page. That's not unusual. A lot of the forum database processes are 'batch driven' at certain intervals instead of 'real time updates'.
  2. It is in toms guide forum where they put mine!
  3. Thanks guys, it is in tomsguide, but that one doesn't show my news comments, yet tomshardware shows the news, but not the member badge, haha. No biggie I guess, just bragging rights for myself :)
  4. As WR2 says, it's not instant. Sometimes your awards/badges take a while to show.
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