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Hey guys,
I know its been a while but I'm back and I got a brain teaser for you. I recently switched providers and now i'm down to a 1.5 MBPS download speed (advertised at 3 MBPS but our area is only serviced for half that) so I'm trying to find something that will smooth out the capabilities of my PC's with streaming videos and such for my nephew on sites like disney.com and other sites. I can post specs later if you guys need em but one PC which I know its issue, it is around 10 years old so I'm not expecting great performance. The knew one though is only a year old with 1GB DDR2 Ram and windows XP Home. The older one has 512MB Ram....I think its SD with windows XP pro. Again I can post full stats later if needed but not really trying to trouble shoot. More looking to boost. If anyone can help out with another issue though it would be appreciated. We run 2 computers and a Wii off our wireless modem. I'm curious if somehow the computers could be configured to operate on seperate...ports I guess to minimize the lag on the modem. We are noticing that if one computer is downloading something it cause the second computer to lag or makes streaming anything all but impossible. Any recommendations on fixing this issue would be GREATLY appreciated. So...Recap.....Speed booster internet program to help with streaming and information on why ones computers activities make the other an expensive paperweight. Those are my questions. Any programs recommended for speed, free is preferable but if pay is better I would like the best for low cost. This IS a low income family with children. Thank you all!
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  1. Unless you are downloading files at the same time you are streaming movies, you will be OK, with non-HD streams, with whatever you are using. You can't add something to your side only to increase speeds. You can get a higher-end router that has bandwidth controls, but like I said, unless you are downloading something, your speeds should be fine. I run 2-3 computers at once with streaming Netflix, games, Wii online, and run OK. Granted it's on a much higher connection, but the point is not the size of the pipe but how much of a chunck is used by by any one thing.
  2. At any given time one may be downloading something, one will be streaming a movie, and one might be playing wii. The roommate has even noticed that sometimes the use of just the Wii will slow down her connection to one of her text based multiplayer role playing games that she plays on as well. So the best thing would be some type of controller to regulate how much bandwidth each computer is alotted to use. Any recommendations on something or is there some way to set that up through the modem provided by the company? I believe it is a westell modem or something like that.
  3. Here is something from Netgear that may help you pick a product. The router/modem you have may have options like this, just contact the ISP to find out. They may be able to help you set it up, or at least let you know what would be good to use.


  4. Get a Download Accelerator Plus. Go to speedbit.com and download the accelerator.
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