Black Screen after Bootup, SSD/win7 problems?

I've been using my homebuilt computer for at least 5 months now, and this is the biggest problem to date. Today I was surfing the web, when the browser froze. I figured from opening too many tabs too quickly. Upon restarting, I see my mobo splash screen, and then it goes to black.

My boot drive--a Mushkin Enhanced Callisto MKNSSDCL40GB-DX--is not booting windows, and sometimes not even showing up in my BIOS. I switched the SATA connector port on the mobo and it seems to constantly detect the SSD now. However, I have been unable to fix the black screen. I have not tried Win7 disk repair as I borrowed that from a friend. Everything else seems to be running fine, it's only the SSD with the boot problem.

Sometimes I can't get to BIOS or Boot--the mainboard screen freezes/gets stuck on "Entering SETUP...". I have turned off/reset this a lot while troubleshooting...

I can select the SSD from the Boot Menu, to boot that way, and still a black screen. Is this purely a Windows problem then? And not a hardware one?


AMD Phenom II X4 955 Processor (MSI 890GXM-G65 mobo)

4x 2GB Kingston DDR3 RAM

EVGA GTX550 TI fermi

Zephyr MX-750 COmpucase

Samsung 1TB HDD
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  1. Hey there, It does actually sound like a firmware issue. Have you updated your SSD's firmware to the latest model?
  2. I guess I have not. After reformatting the drive and reinstalling, it's been a full 2 days before I've been getting some intermittent freezing while doing a couple of tasks at once; I am assuming this is firmware related as well. How can I update the firmware?
  3. update: The freezing results in a blue screen. Not sure what error it is though i do have SP1.
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