Will this power supply be ok?


Will this PSU ^^ power two ASUS DirectCU II Radeon 7850's and an i5-3570K Overclocked to 4.2GHz, cooled by a Corsair H60, with a 120GB Samsung SSD, and a 1TB Harddrive?
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  1. Yep....
  2. Here's a MUCH better power supply that will do all of that for $10 cheaper!
  3. yea i have the TX series and they are great but if you want a modular. go with Ultra. Their warranty is probaby one of the best. your stuff breaks down at ANY time they just send you the newest model. Like this guy i know has a 1000 watt from ultra. and it went bad and they send him a 1200 watt i believe it was brand spanking new
  4. its extremely overpriced for what it is doing. the psu in particular is a new series of ultra psus designed by andyson and the specific series are untested professionally yet. at that price though, its even possible to get a platinum certified psu for the watts sorta
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