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GPU and Graphics Vendor Comparison

Folks I see a comparison chard tor CPU speeds and capabilities elsewhere in another forum. Is there such a chart for GPU's and Graphics card vendors? I'm not in to “my dog is bigger than your dog” discussions, just wanting to see what the bench tests show and learn who are currently the better card makers? Thoughts? I’m in the market for a new high-end card – don’t want to spend gobs of money but if $500 buys a lot better gaming performance than $350 would consider spending more – all this card is required to do is support the current high-end games for the next 2 plus years or so. This will go on a i5 2500K CPU build with comparable associated components such as a 128K Crucial SSD….
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    You should be good that Tom's hardware has something like that, here, take a look:,3107-7.html

    At that price I suggest you a 6970.
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