The displays on my monitor are too wide

I had a problem with my computer and fixed it by using the original xp disk. What was fine before has become a display that is too wide on all screens. HELP

Installing newer video driver fixed the entire problem. Thanks to all who replied. Fred
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  1. hit the auto adjust on your monitor.
    if that doesnt work you may have selected a resolution larger than the monitor supports. Change the resolution to a supported one.
    if you can pan around to all the areas of the screen then you might have expanded your desktop or enabled a virtual desktop. This would be GPU dependant.
  2. Sorry if I was not clear. I am running XP and i tried all of the resolutions to no avail. When I open either Word or Outlook, the first display shows the Word icon very wide instead of square and the same with Outlook. My icons in the tray are widened and so are the ones in the quick open on the left. Some emails are ok but others put some of the ends of the sentences off the screen with no way to get the back. Fred
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    Look for an update driver for your video card.

    what happens if you hit the 'window' button up next to the red x and then hit it again (it changes to a full screen button once you hit it the first time)

    a workaround would be to hit the 'window' button and then manually size it to fit your screen.

    is this an lcd flatscreen or an old tube monitor? I'm begining to suspect its a tube.
  4. If you are seeing this after reinstalling windows, it's because you haven't installed your display drivers yet. Please do so and your problem will be corrected.
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