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I have a old Dell Server with a raid array circa 2004 - and I would like to rebuild it from scratch as a normal PC without the array configuration.

As one of the HDs is out the array fails and it will not boot up as a server.

Is it possible to force the system to see a single HD as the C: drive and then to install a windows OS onto it from CD.

Is uses Fastbuild to control the Raid array and PowerEdge to configure the boot.

If this is possible what would I need to do - I would imagine I would need to change the startup s/w.

Thanks in anticipation.

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  1. Is it just a raid 0 or 1 ? if it is a 5 just pull the bad drive and rebuild the raid with the Perc bios as a 1 or 0 if you only have 2 drives left or 5 if 3 or more... if only 1 drive works just jump into the perc bios and set the disks for JBOD (just a bunch of disks) Windows 7 will install the drivers for you in this case and just install. XP you will have to go to the dell sight and download the raid drivers for server 2003 which will work in XP also... Good luck.

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