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ATI 6970s in Xfire, Comp crashing

I just installed some more RAM and another 6970 and I am crashing when I play games with high res textures in high action situations. I've been using 3dMark Vantage to test it, and I crash at different points everytime. Full Computer lockup. I've swapped out the new and old card slots and the XFire bridge. Still same issue, I've reinstalled drivers and everything. Games work fine for awhile and then ull turn or get into PvP action and boom it crashes. I've taken it out of Xfire mode with both cards and it STILL crashes, and always at a different point it seems. This leads me to believe a possible overheat might be happening. I haven't tested it yet, but is that what it sounds like? The cards are right on top of each other and my system puts out a good amount of heat.

My Rig:
EVGA X58 3 Way SLI mobo
850W Corsair power supply
10 gigs corsair dominator ddr3 1600
2 xfire ATI Radeon 6970s
i7 920 2.7ghz

Please help!!!!
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  1. when you add more ram increase the voltage a little bit
  2. Try with the normal ram first. maybe there is a problem with the ram
  3. How in the world do you end up with 10 gigs on triple channel RAM? 10 does not divide by 3... That is not good. I'd like to know exactly what RAM sticks are being used.
  4. typo. i meant 12 gigs sorry wolfram lol. I upgraded from 6. So I took the new ram out, and ran it Xfire, it crashed. I then ran in single with my old card, but still connected Xfire and the new card, I just went in CCC and disabled Xfire. It still crashed this time to. So I decided to go back to my old setup, 1 6970 6 gigs of ram, and I noticed the GPU was EXTREMELY hot when I took out the new one. So I ran it regular with no crashing, the card felt pretty hot by itself so I am pretty sure this one is a cooling issue. I'm using a Megahalems right now for my CPU cooler and I have the Coolermaster Haf case, which has 3 big fans stock and I've added 3 more. What can i do to cool down my case?
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    First thing would be to actually verify the temps. Run something like MSI Afterburner.

    Make sure nothing is blocking the fans on the cards, and maybe crank the fan speeds up on them too. You can make custom fan profiles with Afterburner as well.

    Besides that, when you install the 2nd card, make sure to completely uninstall all drivers and then reinstall again with both cards plugged in.
  6. Thanks for your help wolfram. Yea i had already tried doing that in Afterburner and cranking up the fans. I decided to move some stuff around on my mobo and I finally got it into the 3rd pci-e slot. Running smooth now. Thanks everyone for the help.
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