70*C (on cpu) Safe?

Speedfan is rating my CPU at 60C(the core says 70C), this is only browsing the net.

Core Temp is giving me 70C

Is this safe? I built this PC 4 years ago (CPU is a phenom X4) and it's never once switched off due to high temps, even when left on for 16+ hours, or long gaming sessions.

Crysis doesn't seem to cause any issues with performance either.

so just wondering if it is a safe temperature considering im only browsing the net right now. Maybe the reading is wrong somehow? is that possible?

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  1. 70C while idling is pretty bad.

    In all likelihood the thermal paste has dried up. You will want to clean off the thermal paste from both CPU and the heatsink as soon as possible. Stressing a CPU (like playing games) can cause temps to rise by 25C so when playing games your CPU might be running at 95C or higher.

    I recommend Arctic Silver 5 or IC Diamond thermal compound. Excessive heat can cause the CPU to fail.
  2. +1^ Replace your thermal compound. I found that Arctic MX4 is also a good TIM with the added benefit of not being electrically conductive. Be sure to clean the old stuff off the CPU and cooler before putting on new. I use Arctic cleaner, but isopropyl alcohol works good too.
  3. Is the heatsink clean? Dust can cause higher temps and the tight fins on the X4 coolers collected dust quite well.
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