MSI Nighthawk CPU Height Clearance?

So, I have an MSI Interceptor Nighthawk ATX Case, and everywhere I have looked there is no max CPU height clearance listed. It usually says "NA," or doesn't list it at all.

I want the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, which is 120x80x159 mm. Will my case fit this cooler? Or should I consider a smaller one, such as a GeminII?
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  1. It should fit.
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    if you have the case then open it and measure from the top of the cpu to the inside of the side panel... make sure if you have a side fan theres enough clearance. measure in mm. you need at least 160mm clearance and 185 clearance if you have a side fan.
    most mid tower cases will manage that... if you cant measure from the cpu measure from the ram slot as they are often the same hight as the top side of the cpu. heres the dimensions of the case.
    looking at it roughly i would say if you have side fans then you are gonna come up short. 180(W) x 428(L) x 410(H) MM if not then your selected cooler will fit... the width of the case must be greater than the hight of the cooler + the distance cpu mounting to the the back panel. which in your case is likely to be 166mm - 171mm total. which is enough if theres no side fans. you will be about 9mm short if you have 120mm/25mm fans.

    i had the same issue with my antec 900mk 2 i removed the top corner off the side fan so i could fit my cnps flex. as the fan sits diagonally rather than square on... if yours are square on then you will either have to remove them or move them down.
  3. It doesn't fit, I got 155 mm of space. So I guess I have to go to a GeminII. Oh well.
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