Hp dv7 monitor not working black screen

I have a Pavilion dv7 4051nr
I have a black screen but when connected to another monitor my computer works. I did slam my top down a little hard but after this the monitor still worked. I closed by computer down for the night in the morning went to use my computer to find just a black screen. What could this be? Or what can i do?
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  1. Three possibilities:
    1. Somehow the display mode changed. Press the F4 key(that's what does it on my DV7-6163, at least), wait 5 seconds, press again, wait again, you will eventually change it back to "Computer Only"
    2. Something came loose somewhere between the system board and the LCD panel from the shock of being slammed shut. This will require major disassembly of your laptop, not recommended if you've never done it before and are not mechanically and technically inclined.
    3. Something broke, most likely within the panel itself. You can generally get a replacement panel for $100-$200, depending on the exact model. The same warning as #2 applies.

    If you can't handle fixing #2 or #3 above, finding a competent tech is a must. Check references, ask friends and family for recomendations, etc. I can't remember how many times I've easily fixed a laptop that Geek Squad has determined to have been unfixable.
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