6870, dual monitor, mini DP to DVI-D?

i have 2 6870's xfire.

can't use both DVI ports for dual monitors.

I'm thinking of getting 2x mini DP to DVI-D cables. (similar to this but not 15ft. http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/Computer-Video-Cable-5RGH3?cm_sp=IO-_-Home-_-VTV70300505&cm_vc=HPPVZ3)

the question: Can i dual monitor using both of the mini DP's to DVI-D's?

not sure if that makes sense.
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  1. You can just use one if you want to use those adapter cables.
  2. But can I use both at the same time for dual monitor support so I dont have to use a DVI-VGA cable with a DVI adapter on it with one of these mini DP's or hdmi and dp?

    would like to keep everything the same and less clutter
  3. You can use as many displayport monitors as you want.
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