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I have a Logitech K520. Its a wireless keyboard and i spilled koolaid on it like an idiot. the next day it still worked fine but the keys were sticky. so i cleaned it by taking of the keys and soaking them in water (drying them fully before placing them back) and carefully dampening Qtips and cleaning the rims the keys sat in. the next day it still worked but some keys remain sticky so i redid the process for those keys only. The next day i did it again for just a few keys that were still sticky and after that. then the keyboard started to mess up. the "6, 8, z, x, and spacebar" keys consistently push other buttons as well. when i push "6" "6ycm3." is what comes out and if i hold 6 then this comes out "6ycm3..................." the other keys have similar behaviors. spacebar pushes spacebar tab ` 8 and sometimes the home button too. i cant for the life of me understand what is wrong. spills arent included on my warranty so i took the entire thing apart and cleaned each layer piece by piece and when reassembled it still has all the keys working except those. is there a specific part of the inside of the keyboard i should do something specific with to try and fix this problem or should i just give up and get a new one? i know the issue is with the keyboard and not any other part of my computer because im using another keyboard to type this now.
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  1. sounds like you have shorted the key matrix likely down to a tear drop of water you missed... you may get lucky in that it hasn't created any long term damage but to be honest 1s this kind of problem shows up ir rarely goes away.
    dismantle the keyboard, split the membrane and give it a wipe with a wet distilled water soaked cloth, then blast it with a warm but not hot hair dryer making sure theres no residue of the pop or the cleaner you used. let it sit for 24 hours in 2 halves if the keys have little black pellets as there may be liquid uner there still. put the membrane back together, but b4 you re-assemble the keyboard completely just plug the membrane back in and press the keys that were showing ghosting.
    if its gone then put the rest of the keyboard back together. if it shows up after completed assembly then its likely you have trapped something.
    if its still there when your just testing the membrane then its likely you wont be able to fix it as you probably shorted the keyboard controller chip.
  2. ok how should i go about splitting the membrane? just kinda pull it apart slowly? and if this does work should i somehow seal the membrane halves back together somehow or just let them rest on eachother?
  3. if the membrane is sealed then its unlikely any liquid got in. and the problem is probably down to how you put the keyboard back together... ie pinched something with a screw or nipped a ribbon.
    some membranes just pull apart with the application of light pressure while others are heat welded together and cant be split... if theres a joined seam then it cant be split so dont try.
  4. well i took apart the membrane cleaned and reassembled and its still exactly the same. it broke after simply removing the the keys and cleaning and reassumbleing so i can only guess some water got on the wireless transmitter/whatever else it does and messed it up. or some of the initial koolaid got in and hardened after a few days or something. anyhow ive disassembled and reassembled multiple times and the exact same keys are messed up and output the exact same strands of letters so i cant imagine its a reassembly issue. ill just be buying a new one thanks for the help anyway though.
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