Display driver error

MOBO: GA-EP45-UD3L (~1 yr old)
CPU: E6750 (~4 yrs old)
GPU: 8800GT (~4 yrs old)
RAM: 4GB (~2 yrs old)
PSU: Antec earthwatts 650w (~1 yr old)

A few days ago while playing Skyrim, I received an error "display driver has stopped responding but has successfully recovered," then followed by a BSOD. I figured it was just a hiccup so after the reboot i fired up the game again and same thing happened. I thought maybe it was a skyrim issue, so I loaded another game that I had previously played fine with my current drivers, but the same error popped up again.

Fast forward a day or two later, now when i go into device manager, my video card has a yellow "!" and it says 'windows has stopped this device because it's reporting problems (code 43).' I've done a lot of installing and reinstalling of different drivers, but it has not resolved anything.

I've also swapped my 8800gt for a friend's 8800gt, but same results.

I don't think that it's a hardware issue. All temps seems fine. I've tried using a different power pin from my PSU. My guess would be either corrupt registry files or BIOS or chipset issues, but unfortunately looking at those are a little beyond my capabilities.
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  1. have you tried reinstalling the drivers?
  2. Yes, many times. I've rolled back to older drivers, and even tried the beta drivers, but same results :(
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