Display problem with 8gb memory on Intel DZ68ZV Motherboard

Hello, i cannot get display with 8 gbRAM and gigabyte 2gb vga card,how can i solve this pro.this is working with 2 gb ram n 2 gb vgacard,but not working 8 gb ram n 2 gb vga card.8 gb ram with 1 gb vga card also working,i'm very in confuse,how can i solve this problem plz?
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  1. boot up with a single ram stick
    go to bios
    rise the memory voltages (look at the package to see what stock voltage your ram sticks are rated at)
    save and restart
    power down
    put all the ram sticks
    cross fingers
  2. Your power supply could also be marginal. That's a lot of DRAM to refresh and the 10 or so Watt difference from the additional RAM could be pushing you over the edge.

    Does it also fail with 4GB or 6GB?
  3. Hi Guys ... This is KaviKumar From India ...

    You have DZ68zv Display Problem ?

    I said Good Solution ...


    Corsair 1.35v Ram 1600MHZ

    Vengeance® Low Profile White — 1.35V 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit
    Model No : CML8GX3M2A1600C9W


    Dz68zv support only 1.35v Ram slots ... Dont change memory values or anything else you are change you have critical problem ....

    Choose this ram you have a display .... syskavi@yahoo.com
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