Recommendations for USB 3.0 Controller?

I'm considering adding a USB 3.0 controller to my setup, and I'm looking for any recommendations or experience with the various manufacturers. No particular problem I'm trying to solve at the moment, just want to have it in place if (before) I need it in the future.

My setup is a home build, and while it's a bit older, it's still more than adequate for me:
Intel Core i7 920 at 2.67 GHz, Socket 1366
Mobo - ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
EVGA graphics card - NVidia GTX 275
PSU - Corsiar HX 1000W
Windows Vista 64

It's a general family machine, and we use it for Office applications, gaming, and video transcoding. I tend to run a couple of generations behind on the games I enjoy; in other words, I'm going to make upgrades before I tackle Skyrim or Arkham City ... but that's maybe a year into my future (Need to finish Morrowind, and I have Oblivion, LOTRO War In The North, and Diablo II still on the shelf.)

I'm probably buying from the Micro Center store in Houston, TX. Here's a link to their USB 3.0 controller card inventory:

I honestly can't tell the difference between the $18 card and the $39 card. Any experience or thoughts would help.

Thanks much!
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  1. They probably have different controller. As to what they have, it's just not listed, so you need to do some digging. As an early adapter of USB 3.0 (since 2010), some controller had driver issues but was rectified afterward. I think you are pretty save to go with the cheap ones if the controller they use has been out for a while and driver problem fixed.
  2. Hi -

    Well, I selected this one on the recommendation of the staff at the store:

    It's neither the least expensive nor the most expensive.

    I'll install it in the next few days and reply back to the board to let everyone know the performance I'm seeing.

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