Is a Wolfdale E6700 3.2ghz compatable with a IPIBL-LB(benicia).

I am having trouble getting a definitive answer as to whether my motherboard will support an Intel Pentium E6700 Wolfdale 3.2GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor E6700 (SLGUF), and i want to be absolutely sure before i spend the money on it seeing as how most sites wont return a CPU.

this is the link to my computers specs.

Only things i have added to my computer are a 450W power supply and i am running a Geforce GT520.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. right on the page you linked it has a list of all CPUs that are compatible with your mobo. OEM motherboards tend to be particular as to what they will and will not run, so I would stick with the CPUs on the list (though you are right in thinking that it *should* run the newer Pentium DC just fine... but always better safe than sorry).

    Just a FYI, there will be little to no appreciable difference moving from the current to the new Pentium DC processor (I mean, if it is free, then sure... but not worth paying for). In fact, looking at some bench marks most things are identical or only slightly faster (3-5%) on the CPU you are considering. It would be a step sideways, not a clear step forwards.

    If you really need a CPU upgrade, and cannot afford to replace the mobo in the first place, then I would highly suggest moving to an upper end E8000 or Q9000 processor, both of which can be found relatively cheaply these days as they are 4+ years old now. The C2Duo would provide a near 1/3 improvement, while the C2Quad would be a 1/3rd improvement on most applications, and more than 2x improvement on heavily threaded applications.

    Keep in mind however that these are all within the same speed class of CPUs. If you are trying to do something that your computer currently chokes on occasionally, then it will smooth things out a little. However, if you are attempting this upgrade for the sake of being able to do something that your computer currently cannot do (like AAA games at high res and quality, 3D modeling/animation, or HD video editing) then you are going to need a platform upgrade to a current gen mid-range i5 CPU which will be 3x faster than your current chip (but will require a mobo and Ram change with it). Remember that with the new CPUs it is not only an increase in core speed and efficiency; it is also much faster buss speeds, chipsets, and instruction sets.

    Remember to purchase some new thermal paste no matter which way you go.
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