Did I get a bad ATI Radeon HD 5870 card ?

I just build my system and got a ATI Radeon HD 5870 due to the price I think it has to have been a refurb. I have seen a few popups of "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered." Some times I get massive towers of blocks in BF3 and even with firefox when I open it the pixies and colors can some times be off

I have installed a older driver in the hope that might fix it, Its better but I still seem to have problems

Here is my current setup, I just installed windows and have not installed any custom drivers I have just used the standard windows 7 drivers.

And the graphic card settings

BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number 113-C00101-101
BIOS Date 2009/09/14
Catalyst Version 11.7

I will post a picture as soon as the card has problems again
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  1. You have also used the newest driver from AND and the rolled back one as well ? There does seem to be a lot of problems with drivers failing and recovering lately. I do think that your issue may be that the card is failing and you can do some stress testing to see if that can be the issue. You can get a good progam for testing from here;


    But keep in mind that it can also be the drivers and that will afect the stress test as well.
  2. Hi Inzone thanks for the reply I had tried 12.1 first so I removed rebooted and installed the 10.5 but had to remove it and update to 11.7 so it would support BF3.

    I am downloading 3DMark 11 now and will try and stress test the card. I will report back.
  3. Also with the 3Dmark you have the free version and the retail one , with the retail one giveing you more options of course. But the main thing is to get the video card a stress test and there are other software that will do that as well and 3Dmark is a good place as any to start.
  4. I have to agree wit you recon-uk AMD I think have aways been known to be let down by there drivers.

    Well I ran the card and got the following out of it


    I seem to remember there was an app that would stress test the card looking for a break up in the image and it would slowly go through until the image broke this is going back quite a few years now.
  5. I captured a screen shot from this morning on booting my PC and then running firefox you can see firefox did not render correctly. On restarting firefox it appeared fine


    It is strange things like this that make me feel some thing is not right
  6. Quote:
    I am going to say this in a none sideing fasion, but AMD drivers need to be better before you can actually say it is your 5870.
    Too many bugs with AMD drivers.
    It's quite discusting how bad their drivers are becoming as of late, unlike their actual GPU's that are very well made..

    unfortunatly most times its user issues,I personally have never had any issues with AMD/ATI drivers,and i have run every version(minus the 2000 series)cards.

    have you tryed the 12.2 drivers yet?
  7. I have even tried the 12.3 drivers and still no change every now and again I will have corruption in firefox and in BF3.
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