Random Reboots driving me crazy

For roughly the last month, my wife's computer has been randomly restarting. There is no bluescreen, no warning, just a shut down and restart. The event log shows a Kernel Power 41 error. It happens when she's playing games, surfing the web, or just sitting idle.

Her system specs are:

Antec Three Hundred Case
ASUS P7P55D-E Pro Motherboard
EVGA 01G-P3-1460-KR GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi) 1GB Video Card
CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W Power Supply
Intel Core i5-760 Processor
4GB (2 x 2GB) G.SKILL Ripjaws Series DDR3 1600 Memory
Windows 7 Home Premium

The processor was overclocked to 3.6 GHz before these problems started happening, but as soon as they did, I reset everything in the BIOS to stock and haven't changed it since.

I've tried numerous things to fix the problem.

- When it first started happening, she was getting some odd video issues, so we replaced the video card. The video issues went away after that, but the reboots stayed.

- A hard drive check showed bad sectors, so we replaced the hard drive and reinstalled everything. The problem is still happening. This also leads me to believe that it's unlikely to be a software issue, since now, there's hardly anything installed on her computer, and any viruses would have been wiped off (though multiple scans by Kaspersky found nothing).

- We updated her mobo to the latest version of the bios.

- We ran a memory test and it came back clean.

- We have checked the temperatures of the processor both during normal running and during a Prime95 stress test using coretemp, and the temperatures never rose above 48 °C.

- We have checked the temperatures of the video card both during normal running and during a furmark stress test using GPU-Z and the temperature maxed out at 74 °C.

At this point, I'm guessing it's either the power supply is bad, or something's wrong with the motherboard itself, since I've ruled out everything else I can think of. But before I go replacing expensive components, I wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions, or ways I could try to narrow it down to either the PSU or the mobo.

Hope someone can help, and thanks in advance.
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  1. I checked the link you posted, and it wasn't really helpful. The bugcheck codes for both the Kernel 41 events were 0, so no information there.

    All of the hardware suggestions they had were things I've considered. And I'm pretty sure I've ruled out everything but the power supply.

    I suppose maybe I need to start looking into that next. Any suggestions on how to test the power supply other than just buying a new one?
  2. Do you have "Automatically Restart" unchecked in the System Properties?
  3. SinisterSalad said:
    Do you have "Automatically Restart" unchecked in the System Properties?

    Yes, it is unchecked.
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