New AMD CPUs!!!!

Hello everyone, my last knowledge of AMD cpu's is the phoenom ii series which i currently have
(phenom ii x4 955), but i want to know what's new in AMD and if there's any good update from AMD for my processor, Thank you.
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  1. 955 was released in April 23, 2009 what's the new about it? Yes is good as update if your motherboard has AM3 socket.
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    The new AMD is the FX series and no its no worth to go from Phenom to FX.. If you want an update go for SB or IB intel.. If you dont want to change Socket and Platform stay with Phenom
  3. ops I messed up a little yes FX is using AM3+ socket if you thinking to go for 95 watts processor go for it is easier to cool it down and you can push it up a little better is nice.

    10nx vasilisvvv...
  4. just stay at tune and wait and see and save money :D AMD "Piledriver" FX CPU Q3 (rumor)
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