First Time build, mid range gaming machine

Approximate Purchase Date: within a month probably

Budget Range: $1000-1250 before rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming then internet use in general

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, speakers

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: None anymore

Overclocking: probably, with that i5 if i can hit 3.8-4.0ghz ill be happy

SLI or Crossfire: eventually, but not right now

Monitor Resolution: whatever the highest supported resolution the monitor i selected supports

Hey everyone, i'm in the market to build my first desktop pc since my now 1 year old laptop is getting outdated faster then i expected, and ive used it as a desktop replacement for far too long.

Heres an intro to give you guys an idea of my experience level, ive been around pcs all my life, and with my mother in the IT field I got pretty familiar with them at a young age, i built a Frankenstein server out of a few old IBM servers back when each hdd had a 3gb capacity, and 40 gigs was getting popular. but i really just guessed and made it work.

im rather familiar with windows and the software side of things, but ive always had a laptop, my modding extent consisted of adding ram and cleaning the fans in my alienware area 51 m5500.

my goal, is to build a decent gaming computer that is faster then my current laptop that ill be able to upgrade down the road, and will be able to let me play games like battlefield 3 which my laptop supposedly doesnt support (according to but it plays MW3 quite well imo, and the pc must be reliable.

(current laptop is a HP dv7t quad edition with a i7-2630 with an ATI 6770 and 8gb ram and a 750gb hdd)

Being as ive never built a desktop pc, ive been doing some reading and bought pc mags build your own gaming pc issue. and i picked some parts from it, but i do not know how compatible or reliable the components ive chosen are and am basing most of it by price and ratings on newegg since they carry everything ill need.

budget: around $1000 but i do not really want to go over $1250


Nzxt Phantom Case $130
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti picked this brand based on ratings on price, and can go SLI later down the road
Corsair Vengeance 8gb 8gb should be plenty for now right? i can always get a second set down the road to up it to 16gb right?
MSI Z68A-GD55 Motherboard i understand the specs, but i dont know what the best choice is for me
i5-2500k picked because of price, and ive read they overclock well
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Corsair 750TX 750W
ASUS vw224u 22inch lcd

the only other things i have on my list are an anti static wrist strap and a small tube of arctic silver 5

Now i know im over budget with all of this, but i forgot to include the monitor. I intend on recycling my logitech g5 mouse, my ideazon zboard, and my m-audio av40 speakers and using them in this setup.

Here are my concerns:

#1 the Motherboard, I understand the specs and the board is socketed for the i5 and supports SLI and my video cards if i read its specs right, but it it an okay MB or is there a better option out there for the price?

#2 ram support, when using windows 7 which version do i need to support 16gb of ram? Because i will eventually upgrade

Will all this work well together? Any suggestions on hardware or tips for a first time builder?
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  1. ive dropped down to a samsung 500gb drive $79 and a mid tower phantom $99

    debating between a regular lcd and an ips panel right now and if there is a better or cheaper motherboard.
  2. You might want to go for the Corsair AX because it's full modular. Other than that the parts look good. If you can wait a bit, you can get a 660/670 which will be more efficent and powerful
  3. Regular lcd monitors are called TN panels. IPS is good for single player games like MMORPGs or RPGs or campaign in bf3. 120hz is where its at otherwise.
  4. As for ips, the viewsonic vx2336s is a good budget ips. But, a budget ips usually suffers from bad color bleeding and high lag. If i was you, i would go with a newer led backlit monitor, less power consumption. The vw lcd monitors are really old, like 4 years old I think. And you don't need any more thermal compound, the hyper 212 evo should come with it
  5. ill look further into the budget ips panels vs tns.

    on another note, is that a good choice for a mobo?
    anyone have a suggestion for one? how about this one
  6. e-IPS uses 6-bit color and imitates the 16.7 million colors other IPS panel types use, however, the lag depends on many factors and you can't just assume IPS will give you high lag.
  7. whado you guys think about this mb
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