Build for gaming, first build.

I have posted once before about a gaming build and since then i have revised my build a little bit. The reason i am building this is for gaming, and also to get myself familiar with the hardware of PC's. The games i will be playing are as follows, Diablo 3, Torchlight 2, Guildwars 2, and Borderlands 2, i would like to run these at high with 60+fps I also want a build that will last me a while.
I do not plan to SLI/Crossfire since this is my first build.
I do not plan to overclock mostly because i don't feel the need for it on the games i listed above and i have absolutely no idea how to overclock. If someone could tell me when i would need to overclock or if i would need to overclock my pcu and gpu at all(when is it necessary).
Case Pretty much set on this case, like everything about it and the red LED's just make it that much better. I'm hoping everything will fit in this case.
HDD I'm set on a 1TB+ HDD, but i'm also considering an SSD for a boot drive for windows.
CPU Here's where i had a question or two. Does it really matter if i'm not going to overclock or should i take a step down to the i5-2500, or should i stick with the 2500k even if i don't plan on OCing.
GPU or Recommendations are welcome.
PSU Red LED's, modular. I'm hoping this PSU will be more then enough for what i picked out :).
RAM Red version.
Is all of this compatible?
Recommendations Welcome(try to keep it ~1000) U.S, N.C
Edit: MOBO Link
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  1. With your CPU, if your not OCing, go for the i5-2500. It actually is the same, but has some extra Intel technology :D

    For the case, it is good but I would just check if you like either of these, they are good cases:

  2. That power supply is WAY OVERPOWERED for a single card setup. Get a 650 Watt corsair, or a 550 Watt Seasonic and save $30. This combined with the $20 savings from the non-K processor should be enough to bump you up to a 570 GTX. Which will definetly help playing borderlands 2.

    If you have money to spare, I would further upgrade your video card to a 680GTX.

    I couldnt see your link to the motherboard, its broken. So I cant tell you if your mobo is compatible. But with your needs (especially the need to save money so as to spend more on the graphics card) I would get a p67 or z68 micro-ATX board for under $100. Make sure it has pcie 3.0, usb 3.0 and Sata III.
  3. less money is always a plus, and the fact that i can put it to a better GPU is even better. Thank you for both of your suggestions, definitely will be taken into account.
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