New gaming pc build (under 500 intel)

under 500 after rebates, purchasing about 4 weeks from now

dont need monitor, os , keyboard and mouse

no overclock

no sli or crossfire


want to play all games, wow on high

is this ok...?

intel i3 2100, 4 gb gskill ripjaws, 500 gb hdd, 550 watt corsair psu, coolermaster maTx case, amd radeon hd 6850, asus dvd drive
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  1. Have you got links to the parts? That could be OK but its a bit hard to tell without making a guess or two
  2. no
  3. Then link them.
  4. "4 gig of gskill ripjaws" could be ideal , or it could be enough to burn your processor out

    Good luck with your build
  5. i will not link them. no.
  6. If you're not going to provide information, why should we help?
  7. you are supposed to do that for me.
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