Help My PC won't boot

Switched PC off the other night and now it won't boot at all. No monitor signal although fans on mainboard are working including the fan on the Graphics Card.

Recently bought an upgrade kit from PC World (within 3-4mths). Intel I5 processor and ASUS Motherboard. Also added 2x4gb sticks of DDR3 (Spent nearly £300 on these components) Has been working with no problems since then.

Have a NVIDIA GTX (directx 11)card (about 18mth old).

Power Supply is 400w from original system and guessing about 3-4 years old

The ASUS Motherboard has a Mem OK switch which is currently lit red (Manual says this is a mem seating problem or wrong memory) Been working fine for 3-4 mths so don't see this could be problem. Reseated memory anyway and tried with each individual stick, problem still occured.

I have removed graphic card to run from onboard graphics but same issue so ruled our Card.

Also tried another monitor and got same issue so have ruled out monitor.

Therefore, I am left with the following Mboard (3-4mths old), I5 Processor (3-4mths old), Memory (3-4mth old). Power Supply (nearly 4 years old)

My suspicions are a faulty power supply due to its age but fans seem to work but HDD doesn't sound like it has power. Would like feedback on whether the other components could be cause as they are relatively new.


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  1. If you used the paper clip method to test the power supply then the hdd should defnitely spin up. You should be able to feel the vibration and maybe hear some clicking as it initializes. If its not doing this then either it has a problem also or the PSU is definitely shot. If you can test the HDD in another pc or usb enclosure this would narrow it down tot he PSU but if you have to guess then go for PSU.
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