Should i ask someone to change my power supply fan

Hello, I am making my own computer with my dad and i was wondering how safe it was to change the power supply fan because i want a red led fan power supply but i cant find a good one i know its stupid but please reply i want the power supply to match the rest of my case (The case has lots of red led lights) thanks for taking some of your time to help me :)
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  1. I don't recommend it though.
  2. Most power supply fans are soldered in....

    You could cut the wires from the old and wire the new one with the cut wires from the old one and cover in electrical tape....

    If you do make sure to discharge capacitors (hold down power button for a 10-15 secs..).

    Or you could buy LEDs and put it on the PSU near the fan vents...
  3. It can be done you just need to find that size fan with the red led.
  4. As long as you don't mind invalidating the warranty and having no comeback at all, should the psu fail, you can do whatever you like to it.
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