I'm having a major problem and I'm pretty sure it"s my GPU

So my computer started to not wake out of sleep mode after hitting a key or moving the mouse about 50% of the time and only after turning it off for about 15 minutes did it seem to actually work when restarting. That is what made me think it was a heat issue with my card. The monitor works great with anything else.

I even reformatted my computer and gave it a clean windows install, but the same thing. More recently (my computer still does the "not waking thing" about 50% of the time) after playing battlefield 3 flawlessly for a while all of a sudden my game started to freeze on me, locking my whole computer, in which it would only restart after about 15 minutes to where i could actually see my desktop.

I noticed some artifacting in Skyrim as well, but nothing unbearable, but when playing dawn of war II after playing one level the game would either freeze or have this static covering the screen (but still able to play and see what i was playing, albiet being fuzzy) Then just today I started to play Mount and Blade: Warbands and i got a short buzz sound and the what looked like the blue screen of death ( it only popped up for a second)

So I took my computer apart and gave it a massive cleaning, especially my gpu (keep in mind i have been dusting it quite frequently this whole time). then when I poppedit back in and got it running again, the computer ran for about 5 minutes before freezing on me. each time it freezes i have to wait about 15 minutes before i can get it out of sleepmode on startup.

In the short time i can get my comp going, i ran evga precision and turned up my fan on my gpu and checked all my temps (my cpu, gpu and everything else seem to be running at normal temps.

so now my comp only works for about 5 minutes or so then it freezes up and i have to turn it off by holding the power button for a while.

does anyone have the slightest idea of what might be going on here?? is it in fact my gpu or something else?

my specs are:
cpu i7290 not oc'ed atm
gpu evga gtx 295
psu corsair 1000w
case antec 1200 full tower
mobo rampage 2 extreme
ssd agility 2
hdd caviar black

sorry if this is long winded but this is what has been going on. also my ambient room temp is normal as well if not more on the cool side

thanks in advance!
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  1. So let me just make sure i totally get the idea you can play/work for about 5 minutes now then you great a freeze up and and you need to let the system sit for 15 minutes before u can reboot it? if you turn it right off and then turn it right back on what happens?
  2. Sounds like a possible power supply issue considering you keep the system clean, i would swap the power supply if possible to verify but it sounds like the psu.
  3. +1 on the power supply being a probable cause. It is big enough..and a decent brand, but maybe you got a bad one. That would be the first thing I would check. Next on my list would be a failing graphics card.
  4. Thanks for the quick response guys!

    @illfindu - If I turn it right off then right on there is about a 50% chance that it will boot normally for about 5 minutes before it freezes up on me. 100% chance of me having to wait about 15 minutes if I turn it off then on from a freeze. It just started doing the 5 minute wait before freezing thing today, even if I'm not doing anything on my computer.

    If i turn on my comp before the 15 minute wait everything boots up normally, but nothing is displayed on my monitor. I have a samsung t240 and the red power light in the bottom right hand corner of my monitor will just blink like it's in sleep mode. I can hear windows starting, my keyboard lights up like normal. I know it's not my monitor because it will display it's own logos and such. I've tried switching the dvi ports, gave them a good dusting, checked the connections, etc. So i have to wait the 15 minutes to get anything on my screen for some reason, which is way i figured it was my gpu.

    I never thought it could be the psu though. I'll definitely check that out, but when i checked the voltages everything seemed normal. It's just a crappy situation becuase i dont wanna by a new psu or gpu just to find out i didn't need to. I\ll ask around if any of my friends have an extra one i can borrow for tests

    ps: i typed this all out already on my comp, but near the end of it it froze up so i had to use my gf's laptop... so frustrating
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