Asus GTX 570 stops responding

hey guys every now and then my computer screen will freeze up turn black for a second and then come back on.. it usually happens when I watch YouTube.. I always use Firefox for stuff like this I haven't had a problem for a long time and all of a sudden it just started happening.. So im not sure if I should reinstall the drivers or what any recommendations would be nice.. thanks Jacob
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  1. is the card overclocked?
  2. no the card is not overclocked everything is stocked and nothing has been changed...
  3. try uninstalling the drivers and then running driver sweeper, and then install them again
  4. alright what exactly does driver sweeper do i've never heard of it ...
  5. Check your settings in the Nvidia control panel , go to manage 3D settings and set the power management mode to prefer maximum performance , the adaptive mode is known to crash your pc in adaptive mode with firefox
    If it still crashes do a clean install of your Nvidia display drivers.
    If it still continues, you can disable gpu to software rendering in the firefox settings and see if that fixes the problem.
    Also uninstall flash and reinstall it to the latest version.
    Hope this helps.
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