Computer Flickers On And Off Waking From Sleep

I just added a second gtx480 graphics card to my computer and upped my PSU to a OCZ 1000W. Everything has been running great so far, but then my computer started having issues waking up after being put to sleep. It starts up normally but then after 10 seconds or so, the PSU will cut out and the computer will shut down. After 2 seconds it will then restart again but then shut down after 10 seconds again. It will repeat this process indefinitely until I flip the PSU off, unplug it, and do a manual reset of my computer and reboot.

I figured this was a problem with my PSU, so I RMA'd it and got a new PSU, but still am encountering the same problem. I'm curious if it has something to do in particular with running two 480s and figured I'd ask if anyone else is encountering any issues with waking from sleep mode. Any suggestions?
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  1. BIOS , maybe

    Try resetting it
  2. I tired resetting the bios, but still having the problem... Any other suggestions?
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