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I have been given the following question:

Subnet 0 should be used

The network IP address allocated to a network admin is What portion is the network address, part is the host and what is the subnet mask, how many subnets and hosts per subnet can this network support?

My answer is

As it is a class B network the network section is the first two octets of the address and the third and fourth octets are the host as 4 bits have been borrowed from the host the ip address would be broken down as follows:


The range of subnet is 2^4, 4 being the bits borrowed which gives us 16 subnets.

The number of hosts per subnet is found using the calculation (2^n)-2, n being the remaining number of hosts in this case (2^12) = 4096- 2 = 4094 .

Would this be correct of have i missed something with the subnet 0 part?
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  1. Your right on..

    Here is a fantastic tool i used during my CISCO courses..

    This is a B Classs
    16 subnets total
    4094 host.

    Although i never had a teacher ask me to bring it down the subnet into Bits before.
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