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I recently had Comcast business class internet installed in my home. Unfortunately, Comcast only provided a wired 4 port router.

My plan is to purchase a wireless router and configure to be a wireless access point(hopefully). I am not completely familiar with this process, but from what I have read it seems easy enough.

1. Hook up router to be used as a wireless AP to PC
2. Change the IP to be within the appropriate subnet.
3. Disable DHCP
4. Change the SSID and password
5. Hook router2 into main router via WAN port
6. Profit

Please correct me if I am wrong and feel free to add anything I may be missing.

The router and wireless access point will be upstairs. I will have my gaming PC hardwired directly to the main router. The wireless will be used for 2 laptops, an xbox, and the living room TV (which will often be streaming netflix) all of which will be downstairs.

I was considering purchasing the netgear n600 router, but I wanted to get the opinions of people more knowledgeable than myself. Would this router work sufficiently for what I would be doing.

Also speedtest returned ~77mb down, ~15mb up. I would like to maintain as much of that speed as possible.
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  1. Quote:
    5. Hook router2 into main router via WAN port

    it should be one of the four LAN port, NOT the WAN/Internet port
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