Is gts 450 gddr5 gpu compatible with dg31pr mobo

Hi .. My sys config intel core 2duo 2.8 ghz , 2gb ddr2 ram , pci ex16 slot v1, 400w psu .... Im planning to buy a nvidia gts 450 gpu... So should i buy a gddr5 or ddr3 gpu....? And which one would give good performance with my mobo...? And suggest a suitable psu for this .. Thank you.... :)
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  1. Yes, it should work just fine with the motherboard. The PSU is a bit week for that GPU though, so without upgrading that PSU I say go with a Radeon 7750 or a 5770/6770 instead. The GTS 450 is a bit more power hungry, though I guess your PSU would be ok IF it's a quality unit.
  2. You would want the DDR5 version..higher DDR number = faster memory on the card
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