Will Seasonic PSU fit HP Slimline s5227c?

From the symptoms I see on my computer, very likely its PSU has burnt. (sudden freeze while running; sudden power off while running; not powering on at all).

This is an HP Pavilion Slimline s5227c model. 2 years old.

After serching internet I decided to go with Seasonic PSUs because of their efficicency and stability.

I was thinking to buy "SeaSonic SS-300TFX Bronze 300W TFX12V v2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply - OEM" from newegg online.

Will this fit in my small case? This is the first time I would replace PSU. I'm beginner in terms of HW knowledge/experience. This way I could learn and save ~100 buck of repair. The reaosn I want perfect fit because I don't want to do any modification in my case.

Please suggest any other model (of Seasonic or other brands) if that would fit more.

Other details of my computer are on link:

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  1. Seasonic TFX should fit your slimline PC.

  2. Jay, Dave

    This is what I was referring to :


    Shall I go ahead and buy? :)

    Another one was from Athena Power:

    The only reason for Seasonic was because of possitive feedback for this model. Moreover, it has 3 years warranty compared to 1yr on Athena Power PSU
  3. Go for it, the Seasonic is alot more reliable than the Athena by far, you get a better one for cheaper, you get 2 more years warrenty and the seasonic is at least bronze certified, thats worth it.
  4. Thanks Jay and Dave for your quick help, which has given me confidence on this purchase.
  5. Your welcome.
  6. I would be cautious about the seasonic fan guard. It seems like it is a little high and may cause a tighter fit for your slimline.
  7. Saku,

    Your concern is valid. I had the same doubt in my mind and that's why wanted to confirm from expert people on this forum . I have ordered, and it's on its way :) :(...Though, current PSU's (from HP) fan is also bit higher. I wish it fits without much hassle.
  8. Isn't the fan facing down?
  9. Jay,

    You are right. Seasonic TFX fan is facing down.

    Current PSU fan is on the side. The case cover is perforrated from the place such that ventilation will only happen properly if fan is on the side... It did not come to my mind earlier... hmmm..
  10. I think I'm misunderstanding something here. It may fit. Good luck to me replacing PSU 1st time, that too on HP Slimline ... Let's see
  11. The PSU might be mounted on its side, when you get it you can check.
  12. bhdelli said:
    I think I'm misunderstanding something here. It may fit. Good luck to me replacing PSU 1st time, that too on HP Slimline ... Let's see

    Did this modification ever work for you? I've a slimline 1114 I want to upgrade its psu, processor, and then gpu.
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