Posting on behalf of someone else.

Link to his thread over at eu wow for what it's worth.

Basically the guy's having trouble with his drivers, they keep crashing or stop responding.

This is his setup copied from the aforementioned thread.

I have windows 7 home premium 64bit

I have 16GB ram
I have i7 2600 processor
1gb Hardrive
2x Nvidia 580GTx in SLI mode


let me know if there is anything else..

My card just randomly crashes.. if im playing WoW it can handle it, but if im playing BF3, I have to hit the restart button. It only happens now and then but its still very annoying.
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  1. Is he overclocked? Does he have beta drivers? What are his temps? Has he tried playing with just 1 card?
  2. has he reseated everything (including the SLI bridge), blown all the dust out, shut down any unnecessary apps?
  3. ^ also, what kind of cooling? Aftermarket or reference? Is there space? If it is overclocked by him at all has he made sure to up his voltages as well?
  4. He really needs to get his Specs right in the first place.... 1GB ain't good enough.. :)
    Make, Model and correct capacity.
    16GB ain't good enough again
    Make, Model and capacity of each module and it's placement, plus CPUz screenshots...
    580GTX in SLI.... a guy owning 2 of them and having problems with the GPU drivers, IMO, would have more knowledge to be posting specs and models before posting the actual problems. And that too correctly...
    Mobo Models wrong again.....
    PSU CM1000Watts... which one?
    To solve his problem is like first guessing the rigs config and then imagining what all he has already done with it.....
    OP..... you had better ask him to Signup for his issues than have you go on as a mediator as this won't be a very happy thread.... when we conclude...
  5. #1 I assume he meant 1TB?
    #2 He said his "card" crashes... Yet clearly has an SLI setup... Perhaps we're talking lower end cards?
    #3 Does he have SLI even enabled?
    #4 Post more specific specs
    #5 What troubleshooting steps have already been taken?

    Really though, even if he didn't have SLI enabled. (Which I assume is highly likely.) He'd have no trouble running all his games at high-ultra. (One 580 could do it. Unless his resolution is ridiculous... But come on. He's not posted models or detailed specs, and not much info on the issue so would he really be running tri-screen?)

    So it's clearly a driver issue. But I have a hard time believing that it isn't just a troll post on the wow forums.
  6. Hello guys. I am the guy with this problem.

    #1 I assume he meant 1TB?

    Yes this is true, my bad.

    #2 He said his "card" crashes... Yet clearly has an SLI setup... Perhaps we're talking lower end cards?

    No I have 580GTX sli , with the latest drivers.

    #3 Does he have SLI even enabled?


    I am running with a single screen of 1600x900 resolution.

    I got a CoolerMaster HAF 922 for cooling.

    I have nothing overclocked.
  7. It could be the Crappermaster PSU. It may be overloaded, if it is overrated. Take out each one of the two GPUs in turn and see how it performs. If it works well with one of them but not the other, you could have a bad card. If it works with either one but not both, it could be the PSU, or it could still be a SLI / driver issue.

    Edit: Your screen resolution hardly justifies even one GTX580, let alone two. If it works with either card, leave the other one out and call it a day.
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