Moving from a old Slim case into a bigger, full size case.

Hi. I currently own a Gateway SX2370-UR30P desktop. Everything in it is completely stock. Anyways, I was wanting to upgrade my graphics card to an AMD Radeon 7770, but my current case will not allow it to fit in there. Also, my PSU is way to low of wattage to handle even a very low-budget graphics card. The highest wattage PSU that i could find that would fit into my current system, is only 400w. I need at least something around a 500-700w PSU, but those wattages do not come in a size that will fit in my current case. I was planning to move everything from the old slim case into a bigger, more spacious case in order to fit everything i need. I do realize that moving everything from its stock case to a Universal case is challenging and may cost the loss of my media card reader and 4 USB slots on the front of my computer. So my questions are: Is there a case that will allow me to move my components from the old case and into the new one without loss of hardware? Will my motherboard fit into any Universal case? Thanks for the help! really appreciated.

This is the case i was looking at:

As well as the PSU:
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  1. The short answer is yes, you can probably move everything from the slimline case to the new case. But if you never built a PC before, you may want to consider a different option...

    Your AMD Quad-Core A6-3600 APU has a built-in graphics processor (AMD Radeon HD6530D) that can be mated with certain AMD graphic cards to work in what AMD calls 'Dual Graphics Mode'. Sort of like CrossfireX.
    If you were to purchase a low-profiile version of that card: could run it together with your APU's graphic processor. If your monitor's resolution is 1680x1050 or lower, it will provide you with a good gaming experience.
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