I need help making my old pc, a gaming pc. All info in post.

I've had an ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series for a few years and I'm sure it's time to upgrade, and I've had my eye on a GeForce GTX 560, or 460. And I have a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz (2 CPUs) And I've had that since i got the computer, which was I swear, 7 years ago. But i heard my processor wont be able to handle the GTX 560 and i was told a good gaming processor was a Intel Core i5-2500K, then i was told that my motherboard wont be able to handle that, and i was told a Z68, P67, and H67 will support it. But the H67 will not let the processor overclock, and the P67 will allow you to overclock, but don't allow you to use the CPU's built-in graphics card, (Which I don't think I will need if I get a GeForce GTX 560, or 460) But the Z68 will allow me to do both. And this is all very confusing to me.. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series, and a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 4300 @ 1.80GHz (2 CPUs). And I would like to get it up-to-date to play Diablo 3 and the many other games being released soon, and I want it to work right. I'm sure a new processor is a must, and same thing with the graphics card, I'm just not that informed about how all the hardware works, or are rated on what is what. So I'd just like some help, but i would like the Geforce GTX 560, and I do have my eye on an Intel processor. Just, well you know, I need some help, I don't know what I need. :P Thanks for the help, and yeah.

Oh, and I don't have a huge amount of money to work with, tho I'm sure i can come up with any that is needed, or save a bit, if a bit extra helps out in the long run.
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  1. Well first off, if you're not sure what all that means... Dont worry about overclocking ;)

    Get a cheap 1155 socket mobo with good reviews, add in a i3-2100 or i5-2400 (your choice)

    Then I'd go for a 7850 for the gfx card, maybe a 560 ti 448 or a 570 if u prefer nvidia
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    Would you like us to put a build together for you?

    Whoever is telling you yours facts, is correct... Except if you can wait before getting the GTX 460/560. A GTX 600 series card will be better for you just like the GTX 650 with performance of a 560 ti on a low end card for the price of around 130-140$.

    The 2500K will be the one processor that carries gamers for the next 2-3 years and still handle everything. Obviously the Z68 is your best chipset and most future proof. Since the Z68 boards are cheaper than the Z77 1155 boards now. Unless you want the new features added to the Z77 chipset.. a Z68 mobo will work just fine.

    A 2500K is gonna land you around anywhere from 189-220, Give or take.
    A Z68 motherboard or a good one is about 120-149.99. I know they go higher but most of the mid range boards are around that....

    SO basically your already looking at 300-350 for Board and 2500K. A GTX 560 is another 189$, but you can always check ebay for a good card, like right now the GTX 580's can be gotten for as little as 300$ and its double the performance you'd get with a regular 560. Any other parts you need?, like Power Supply, RAM, OS, HDD/SSD, Optical drive... etc.?
  3. I heard i also might need a new power supply, but my ram is about 3gb so im sure that should be ok for now. And it all seems a bit confusing, but at least i know what is what, and what will go with what. :D
  4. Anthony82093 said:
    I heard i also might need a new power supply, but my ram is about 3gb so im sure that should be ok for now. And it all seems a bit confusing, but at least i know what is what, and what will go with what. :D

    sorry bro your ram is no good its ddr2 and u need ddr3 lucky its like 50bucks for 8 gig
  5. pretty much all your likely to be able to keep is your case hdd and dvd drive the rest chuck it on ebay. you'll need to replace mobo, video card, cpu, ram, psu .oh and if its a brand name computer eg ibm dell etc it is also the possible the case will need replacing depending on the form factor, layout etc
  6. Intel Core i3-2120 - $124.99
    Good cpu for games, is the minimum you should get!!

    Any P67/H67/Z68 motherboard.. really.. they all will support Ivy-bridge in the future. And, considering Haswell (next architecture after Ivy-Bridge) won't be LGA 1155. You don't need to go more expensive in motherboard.

    HIS Radeon HD 7770 - $119.99
    Low power consumption. GTX 460 class performance.

    Any reliable PSU above 400W shall do the trick. This HD 7770 really consumes low power (it even closes to not need any 12v rail.. HD7750 doesn't need it btw)

    EDIT: This is the bare minimum you should get to play today games with good quality (in a 1680x1050 monitor)
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  8. Glad we could be of assistance Anthony, If you need further help. Please Private message one of us or simply just make a thread
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