My driver is dynamic how i can convert it to basic

i can't creat system repair disk because it gives me this erorr 0x80070057(i think because i'am trying to creat it after converting my partitions to dynamic) and when i chose system recover it gives me this massage due to change in the hardware or software system recovery can't start please insert windows instalation disk and click repair my computer but i don't have windows instalation disk
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  1. you can't change it to basic and keep data without backing up data first, so backup data first, go to disk admin, and alter the drives there, note that this is effectively a reformat you WILL lose your data if you do not have a backup.
    The reason behind this issue is that until windows is installed the dynamic disks don't exist and therefore there is nowhere to put that data. Also note that dynamic disks are similar to raid 0, in that if either drives fails often the data from both is lost, use them with caution.
  2. Pretty much to do anything with windows repairs you need the windows installation disk. Is this a custom built computer or a big box machine(dell, hp, compaq, toshiba)? BTW this is the general issue with using dynamic logical partitions in windows rather than creating hardware RAIDS, I have been here before. The fastest way to deal with this issue is to download a Hiren's rescue CD, get an external drive offload your mission crit docs(music,pics,saved games) and rebuild the machine. Thoughts?
  3. I concur, thats the same place I was, had to use another rescue disk to look in with the structure still in place. I gnored the warnings about the windows rescue disk being ineffective and carried on, lots and lots of pain was felt.
  4. I once had a customer who created their domain on a dynamic windows RAID what a mess. Lost the whole thing because you can fix it and you can't repair, and you can't virtualize it once it's in that condition. Hardware RAID FTW
  5. Agree completely, I'd sue it as scratch space but thats it.
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