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Hello today i bought a Benq XL2410T today and am having some issues!

I seem to be unable to run at 120hz on world of warcraft (as in there's not even an option :( )

I am using a HD 6970 and i am using the Dual LINK Dvi-D cable...

Why can't i go to 120hz on WoW :(
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  1. im not sure if this is possible, im on a laptop atm so cant try myself, but try adding a custom resolution in CCC with the 120hz refresh rate.

    failing that try setting the refresh rate on the desktop to 120hz and then turn on vsync, that should do the trick.
  2. How do i change the refresh rate on the desktop to 120hz?
  3. right click desktop > screen resolution > click on advanced settings > monitor tab.

    you might have to install the monitor drivers if the 120hz refresh rate isnt listed (if there is any, check windows update or look through the benq website).
  4. Well the option isnt even there, my res is 1980x1020 could that be a problem?
  5. no, thats the native res. maybe someone with more experience on the matter can help.
    i dont actually own a 120hz screen so i cant help any further, i just assumed the option would come up in the refresh rate selection area, sorry it didnt help.
  6. only supports 1024x768 with 120hz wtf?
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