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Hi guys!
So here is my built pc
MB: P8h61-M LX
CPU: Intel core i3-2100 @ 3.10GHz (1155)
GPU: ASUS DirectCU HD6770 Radeon
RAM: 2x 4Gb Kingston
PSU: Unbranded 600 watts

I built this may 2011.. Now after almost a year, its only now i noticed this error in my ASUS AI Suite II.
When ever i try to click on the GPU Boost, my system restarts and nothing happens. Also this error comes up.. "No VGA detected. Please install a compatible VGA card or install and enable the ASUS Smartdoctor."

Is this normal?
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  1. i had problems with my card/performance untill i uninstalled "gamer osd" from asus. do u have that installed if so uninstall it.

    also make sure you have version 5.8 of smartdoctor u can download here
  2. hey thank for the reply.. gonna try it out now
  3. God damnit.. SmartDoctor had an error.
    Can not fint ASUS graphics card
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