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Hello members of Tom's Hardware, This is my first post on here I appreciate the time and effort that you will take to answer this question that has been sitting heavy on my mind.

I have a Dell XPS 8300 going on 3 monthes old, Runs like a top, Incredibly smooth in gaming and running everyday applications, Couldn't be happier with it. However last night, I ran Skyrim for 2 hours no problems at all very smooth. I had closed the game down and was web surfing for 10 minutes after. There was a sudden brownout in my area in which the lights were dimming and coming back brighter. My computer remained on for about 10 minutes during the brownout, and the power supply indicator light on the back of the PSU glew a bright green and dimmed down to the normal green in which it displays everyday under normal conditions. I turned off the computer right when i saw it, flicked off the surge protector and unplugged it from the outlet.

2 hours later when the electricity had fully restored, I had replugged in the surge protector and the computer, and booted it up. It booted up smoothly with no problems or any irregularites whatsoever. I wanted to troubleshoot to see if the brownout had damaged any part of my PC, but was unsure how to. I had ran Crysis for an hour to see if the computer would error or show any signs of damage due to the brownout, and the game ran absolutely smooth and effortless, with no irregularities or problems. I would just like to know if there is a way to see if the brownout did any damage to my PC's components or not. It would really put my mind at ease to tell for sure if I can tell if any of my components have been damaged. If there is any way to tell, or any pointers to look for damage I would really appreciate it. Thanks again. I have a Belkin SurgeMaster Surge Protector if that means anything.
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  1. your system seems fine,
    most of the surges can be handled by psu alone,
    also u had a surge protector for that,

    if anything would have went wrong your system must have shown signs for that,
    like a damaged psu will not hold the system for 10-15 mins(If only it gets the system started) beyond that if anything went wrong will leave u with a dead system.

    I wouldnt be that worried if it starts up fine and smooth also u can stress test your system with prime95, and monitor the temperatures for a while.
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