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Hi all,

I have a new 7950 and im playing around with OCing it, i have noticed playing games like MW3 and the witcher 2 i get up to like 73 degres celcius (thats the max i seen) once i been playing for a few minutes its up at the high 60's and very low 70's. Is this ok? it doesnt seem to change too much weather i have OCed it or not. Base core clock is like 810MHz by memory and i currently have it on 991MHz, running smooth.. any suggestions? I have only just started all this as i have only just downloaded MSI afterbuner, and i have 3d mark 11 downloading now. And i will test it out on that and play around a little more. But any advise or suggestions would be great.
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  1. Ah and also, all that Ocing, i have NOT touched any voltages what so ever, and dont plan on doing so.
  2. You are OK, GPUs overheat when they reach 90C
  3. cool thanks, i also found out that my cards fan was forced stuck on like 20% so i bumped it to like 50% while i was testing it and dropped about 4-10 degress celcius under load
  4. They are ok. I try to stick to this rule. Never ever go over 80c. If it gets over 80c then you start to have some issues. But when you hit 90c watch out. How are you monitoring your temps? I am just curious
  5. im using msi afterburner have, my clock speed, temps, and fps displayed on my keyboard and on my screen
  6. budy86 said:
    im using msi afterburner have, my clock speed, temps, and fps displayed on my keyboard and on my screen

    Cool I use it to. Do you have Cpuid and Core temps? If you don't here they are and if you do just skip over them. There is also a CPU meter. Good luck to ya



  7. thx very much
    i have found that its only one game so far that seems to be crashing, and thats age of conan, its an old mmo that only has dx 9 and 10, but still i can only get like 40fps (maxed dx 10) and the graphics arnt that special, someone did say it is the way the company has created the game or something like that, but that game seems to be the only one that causes problems (whole comp freezes, have to force restart) but then again i havnt tried my other games like the witch 2 ( graphov intence) and mw3, i do have 3d mark 11 is it worth using that,, or is the best way to test for stabilty to actually play an intence game for like an hour or so and make my decic=sion from there?
  8. Download FurMark or MSI kombustor, it will max out your load :).
  9. ^+1
    Ya that is a good one I use it all the time. Here is a link to a download for it.

  10. thx, downloading it now
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