Computer turns on but PSU fan stops spinning

Hey I just built my first pc. I put everything together and turned it on. The fans spin, the hdd light flashes, everything seems to be working. Then in about 5 seconds the PSU fan stops spinning. Everything stays on though. The PSU is a Corsair 650tx

rest of the specs
MSI h77-G43MA
EVGA 560 se
Intel G620
4gb Corsair Vengeance
Corsair tx650
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  1. I believe that model has a temperature controlled fan that varies its speed depending on the temp. It may, in fact, turn itself off if the temp is low.
  2. Use a power supply tester because the fan should not stop spinning completely.
  3. Where do I find one of these PSU testers? Thanks for the info by the way clutchc
  4. A PSU tester will just present the voltages that are present. It will not 'test' the fan.
  5. Well I do not have any screen hooked up yet and I'm still waiting for my HDD from Newegg so as soon as I get that and put it in there a I will try again.
  6. here are some psu testers...i have the coolmax one
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    In this discription of 'how to test the PSU', it mentions that the PSU's fan may not spin if the temperature or electricl load is insufficient. (Step 2) Your PSU is doing what it was designed to do.
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  9. Awesome man! Thanks a bunch! Great link too will use it!
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