Diablo 3 (max settings) Super Budget Build

I am working on building a gaming tower before May 15 with my extremely low budget. I'm literally trying to go as cheap as possible while maintaining good quality in my build. I have a cd drive, monitor and hopefully a big enough case.

My budget is going to be about $350

With that said, I need


I made this wishlist with what I came up with but I was hoping someone with more expertise could maximize my savings and give their opinions and recommendations.

My current build =


Thanks for your time and help with my build and I look forward to replies,

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  1. A PSU and HDD are the last things I would buy second hand to be honest. Both tend to have shorter life spans than most components and a bad PSU can wreak havok on your system.

    I would go for the Pentium G620 processor. It's $10 cheaper than the Athlon x3 and should be noticeably better in games.


    Also, this is a slightly better graphics card at $10 less.

  2. Whats your overall budget you are looking to stay at for this build? This will help us to find you the best quality parts for your price range.

    Also, PSU's and HDD's on craigslist can be hit or miss. Most of the time craigslist is overcharging for junk that barely works, or is older than what you would ideally want. You can get some good deals on there though. I got my full retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate for $50 on there :)
  3. Thanks for the information. Now that I've been enlightened, I'm going to edit my first post to include PSU and HDD
  4. That's quite a difficult budget, possibly aim for this:

    Intel Pentium G620
    G.SKILL NS 4GB (2 x 2GB) 1333Mhz
    ASRock H61M-VS
    Sapphire HD 7750 1GB
    Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 500GB
    Antec Basiq BP350 350W

    Total - $367.94 on Newegg

    Bit over the budget but should perform about the same (or maybe slightly better) as that Athlon x3/GTX 550Ti combo but comes with a new PSU and HDD. That PSU isn't exactly top of the range but the power draw will be so low that it shouldn't matter. You will rarely pull more than 100W from the PSU.
  5. OK it was a bit of a stretch, but I can do it keeping it close, but still a little over.

    Intel Pentium G620 Desktop Processor - 69.99

    ASRock H61M-VS Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - 54.99

    Crucial 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR3 1333 Desktop Memory - 22.99

    CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 Power Supply - 44.99 (before 10.00 MIR)

    HIS Radeon HD 7770 Video Card - 119.99

    Western Digital Caviar Blue 250GB Internal Hard Drive - 69.99

    TOTAL (before $10 MIR) = $382.91 + 1.93 shipping = $384.87

    Yes it is over your 350 budget, but it is using all quality parts, not trying to cheap out and use less reliable parts, and will give you a good gaming expierence for Diablo 3 and will be a pretty strong all around computer for day to day stuff.
  6. Would this build work with a monitor resolution of 1920x1080?
  7. It should. Diablo 3 isn't that graphically challenging.
  8. using this build what size case would i generally use?
    also is there a cheap cd drive i could also get?
  9. A mATX case should be fine. You could get a bigger one if you wanted to though.
  10. Here's a cheap and effective mATX case from Rosewill that should fit the bill just fine.

    Rosewill FBM-01 Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case
  11. You can remove the shipping costs from the price. Shoprunner lets you try its services free for 30 days. Just get your product and then cancel it. You can also save on the DVD Burner. I personally don't use mine often. Just borrow one to install windows and you are good to go. Diablo III can be downloaded so you don't really need the DVD burner. You can add it later when you $20.
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