Nvidia Gts 450 help

newbie here ,, sorry if this is the wrong board

here's my specs

asus p5g41c-m lx
intel e5800 3.2ghz
nvidia GTS 450 1gb 128 bit gddr5
2gb ram
500gb seagate sata
newzen 500w true rated

sorry for my bad english ,,


i plug in ,my video card(plugged with 6-pin) ,in my motherboard ,then i tried to power it on ... but only a red light in my pc blinks..

then ,
i remove my video card(still with 6 pin connected) , in my motherboard ,, my pc seems running perfectly .. and my video card fan is running also ..

i tried my video card to plug in , into another PC but still same results ..

pls need help .

oh yeah i forgot ... it seems no error on my pci-e slot ... because i inserted my old video card in my motherboard and it is working ,,

i doubt of some static ... (i dont know what is static means) if the problem is static .. can i still repair it ? thanks..

can you post some possible reason why my Computer is not running when GTS 450 is installed ..

Thank You all so much !
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  1. Static is energy that you have in your body, due to atoms friction, and if you move your graphics card with naked hand without removing this current from your body, you may release a "spark" to the circuit that may cause dead of some components, normally this takes time to happen. it is good to always touch your computer case in a metallic part with the psu plugged in to remove your static before touching any electronic component.

    if you connected the pci-e card correctly on 2 different motherboard with different psus over 400w and both did not work, the only thing you can assume is that the card is dead, may be static or no, i think you will need to change this graphics card.
  2. you said :

    normally this takes time to happen

    it means that if it was the first time to touch that card .. means that there are small possibilities that the card is static ... am i right ?
  3. depending on what you did, sometimes sweat on the board may cause a short circuit, it is good to do that kind of stuff with clean hands and avoid touching the sensible circuits. also it is good to use anti static gloves or bracelets if you don't know where you are touching.

    it is very hard to see a component dead by static, but there is also the possibility that you have bought a dead card, try changing it, also what is the PSU full brand and model?

    some generic psus can damage graphics card and other components while they are at full power, so better to see if that psu is really good before adding another video card there.
  4. newzen (5000hv Dual) total power 500w

    premium power supply

    i think it's a korean brand ..
    here's the site that's my psu to be exact
  5. well since it is 80+gold i think you are ok with that psu, looks good.

    so it is almost for sure a graphics card problem, since your old graphics card still working. try changing it for another one, should fix the problem.
  6. ser can i ask you another one ...

    can you put in numbers,,

    the card is static = ?%
    The card is Dead = ?%
    Other = ?%

    total of one hundred ... i cant sleep all night ,thinking of the warranty ... i dont want it to be voided thanks .. :sweat:
  7. Your PC power supply is less , you should buy a power supply of 600-700 Watt
  8. i don't think the power supply is less than what he needs, but there may be a problem with the psu... but since he tested the video card in another computer and same problem happened i don't think the psu is with the problem, sincerely i never heard of that psu, and i don't know how it behaves, so if you can change it would be good too, but by the looks and the 80+gold i think it is a good psu;

    I don't think the warranty will be voided if you didn't dissassembly nothing, and never had it running... better to return it soon as possible and ask for a new one.
  9. mehtab said:
    Your PC power supply is less , you should buy a power supply of 600-700 Watt

    This link must appear in about half of my posts:

    This calculator should help you learn that the "PSU requirements" are inflated (due to all of the low quality PSUs that are out there).
  10. hey guys, just thought I'd say that I'm currently running this card, and about two weeks ago I had a 400W psu and this gpu ran fine and I had more power consuming things. Also whats your old video card?
  11. some good 400w psus can handle 550w or more, and some bad 400w psu will not go over 300w, so just saying you were using a 400w psu is not much.

    But i also think his psu is enough because of the 80 plus gold certified, on the other hand, i can be that hi was luck to get a defective psu, who knows... but anywais he will need to change the video card since he tested it in another computer and same problem happened.
  12. trust me, mine wasn't the best and I've seen the amount of power mine used to use it was about 400W so I was quite lucky. Maybe he accidently bent the cards pins? I've heard of it happen before and it being a nightmare to find out what the prob was
  13. thank you for all of your help ...

    if you want to add more opinions feel free ,, thanks ..

    here's my psu


    Minimum PSU Wattage: 278 W

    Recommended PSU Wattage: * 328W

    i cant find my processor :e5800, so i choose e6300.
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  16. can i ask another one ?

    if i've static my gts 450 ,, then, is there possibility ,, that my n8400gs have static too ?
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