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Deciding which 560 Ti

Which one of these two will be better? [warranty, temperatures, OC capabilty]

BTW I'm in India so everything already costs a lot more. Both of these will cost me almost the same - 16k INR or US$325


Should i wait for the 600 series and take the card that fits the spot?
P.S. - I prefer NVidia but I am open to any AMD alternatives.

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    The ASUS one!!!!! I have it and I would buy more buy more!!, this card has my my system the happiest ASUS system in the whole wide world :):), But no seriously get the ASUS one. If you can Hold Out, Get the New NVIDIA cards, Get the new NVIDIA card because the new cards are like Double the CUDA, believe me Kepler is gonna Kick @$$ when its out. Its gonna be better to get the new cards for the same price. But thats if you can hold out for another 2-3 months
  2. I can wait for about 3 months!
    But in case I have to buy a 560 Ti, my major concerns are temps and OC.
    Will the ASUS one have better temps and will OC more than the EVGA
  3. evga will be the best way to go its an good brand with reputation and best card maker for nvidia chips.

    for cheaper this card.

    evga one.

    both cards has the ability to do overclocking and the evga one has 900mhz core clock which is efective and asus one has 830 mhz so if dont think to overclock then evga will perform better my hoice will be evga:)
  4. Thanks sunnk but i would rather not buy a Zotac card.

    I guess I'll go with the Asus and OC it myself.
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  6. ok goodluck.:)
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