USB Tree killed my computer? What to do?

I was using my computer the other day and all of a sudden, my mouse stops working. I must investigate. I notice that the USB tree i have connecting many of my components including my keyboard and mouse is unplugged. I surmise that this dilemma can be remedied simply by plugging it in, but alas, the moment i plug it in my computer powers down, never to be heard from again. Did i blow out some circuitry in my motherboard, or have i compromised my psu? What should i do? Do i have to replace my computer or at least some key components?
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  1. Try a new power suply if you have one, if you dont, buy a new one. If it still does not work, then your going to have to test each part indiviually untill you find out what is wrong.

    Change Psu

    (if it does not boot at all after being plugged in)

    Probably motherboard is fried.
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