Upgrading the GT520 on a Gateway DX4860

I have the misfortune of having a store-bought PC, a Gateway DX4860 ( :

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i5 processor 2320
Nvidia GeForce GT520
1.5TB HD
500w PSU

It's not a bad PC overall, but the GT520 just isn't giving me the performane overall. I'm playing The Witcher: EE currently and I can only get a decent framerate when I run it on low settings.

I have found a replacement card: SPARKLE SXS4501024D5SNS GeForce GTS 450 ( This card is perfect in as much as the single slot will fit in the case, and only requires a 400w PSU to run.

I just want to know if there are any problems I can expect in upgrading the card, like if a store-bought PC like this one will reject the hardware it wasn't built with, or something like that. Also, if I will need different connectors (I think 6-pin connectors are needed or something, I'm not exactly sure) to hook it up to the motherboard.

Thanks :)
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    The upgrade will increase your frames for the game, you can see here an example:
    the settings you will be able to play witcher 2 with acceptable fps... 30+
    but if you are planing to play on high graphics you will need a better card than this one, but if that is already ok to you, go for it.
    you can check for a 550ti, close price, and better performance.

    About the store-bought, you must see how the warranty there works, some stores works with warranty in Each Component, and others if you open the case you will void it...

    make sure your psu is from a good brand, this card requires 400W some 500w blow up at 350w, so you must check if your psu brand is trustable and will handle your video card without problems, if it is possible give the model of your psu.

    probably your psu will have at least one pci 6 pin connector in the last case you can use molex to pci adapters.
  2. Thank you for the response!

    I looked up the 550 Ti and you're absolutely right, much better performance and the price isn't too steep either. It also won't need me to change the PSU. After cracking it open I found that the power supply has two unused 6-pin connectors (the current card doesn't use one at all) so looks like I'll be safe on that front.

    Thanks again!
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